Restructuring the Commercial Loan to Prevent Foreclosure

Any business facing foreclosure may have the chance to retain ownership of the commercial real property in question if it takes a proactive approach. This can be a challenging situation for anyone, even for the lender. The foreclosure process is quite expensive for the lender, so both parties are likely to be eager to prevent this from happening. Pursuing a commercial loan workout can help the borrower through the restructuring of the loan so that the payment terms would be easier on the budget while the lender may avoid the high costs of foreclosure.There are many ways to restructure the commercial loan so that it becomes more manageable to repay it. Sometimes a lender will be willing to waive all delinquency fees or he can extend the payment period to reduce the monthly payments. Others will restructure the debt by allowing the borrower to pay only the interest charges for a certain period of time until such time that the business has recovered financially.As long as the borrower is honest with his real situation, negotiating with the bank to avoid foreclosure may be possible. Banks and other lenders are not eager to initiate the foreclosure process because it requires substantial expenses on their part. It will also mean that they lose the chance of receiving payments from the debtor. Finally, it may also mean that they will only be holding on to property that is very difficult to sell because of the state of the economy. With so many properties getting foreclosed, the chances of finding a buyer could even be smaller.

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